Sunday, May 22, 2011

Friday May 20, 2011

Awakened to a cloudy Lincoln day. Had breakfast in the motorhome & then set out to show Larry the sights  of Lincoln. Larry usually does the driving, but I gave him a reprive & did the driving. My memory may waver occasionally, but I did right well navigating around Lincoln. Of course, it is almost impossible to get lost! First stop, Big Red Store to buy NE memorabilia for "kid" & grandkids. I bought a couple of items for myself. Next we went to Ideal grocery store to pick up steaks for dinner. The store is a shopping experience. Larry & I lunched back at Valentinos-had a lighter fare! Went past the capital & parked in front of NE stadium, where we had a moment of silence. Finished up in downtown at the Nebraska bookstore. Fun!. Larry wanted to check out the local RV store & needed a couple of items. Of course, we toured a few newer coaches(with higher price tags) & decided that our "Adventure" is just fine. Went to Kirk & Trula's for dinner. We went with them out to see the log cabin that they are having build. Kirk wanted a fishing hut & now has a house! It will be beautiful. It sits on a lake so Kirk can fish. Finished out tour & went back & cooked steaks. I hate to leave Lincoln, but have other places to go & people to see.

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