Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sun. June 12, 2011

Relaxed in the morning & straightened up "the house." We headed back down to Old Town & walked around looking for a Gallery showing the work of Steve Hanks. Finally found it in an upstairs Gallery. He is a favorite water-color artist of Larry's. We then chanced upon a peddle cart & driver, who gave us a great tour & history about the town.It seems that the town was first named  San Francisco in 1706 by the govenor of  NM. The spanish government was not happy because the governor named the town on his own. Spain renamed it  Albuquerque. We then went to the museum of art & history. There was a showing of tiffany lamps & the history. It seems, a woman named Sarah Driscoll designed many of the lamps.Came home & took a walk & hit the bed. Off to Santa Fe in the am.

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