Monday, June 20, 2011

Thurs. June 16, 2011

We got up at a reasonable hour & Amelia fixed a great farewell breakfast. Tried to help clean up breakfast, but that was a negative, so we packed up Adventure & headed for Rudioso, NM. Larry, mom, & I celebrated our 3rd anniversary at a resort in Rudioso. We spent 2 days in a campground just off the main road. We went to the casino, Inn of the Mountain Gods. I invested $20 & went home with $114- a good return on my investment. Left the casino around 1230am & an elderly gentleman flagged us down-told us his vision was bad & he was lost. We led him to the main road & watched him drive down the wrong side of the median. A semi & a car missed hitting him. I called 911 & a few minutes later a police sped past us with red light blazing. A ways down the road he was pulled off the side of the road. Thank God!!! Scary!

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